Zen and the art of… gardening?

At certain times of the year, we can get so caught up with doing that there is no time for being.

Alternatively; we may get so caught up in little things that we don’t have time for doing or being.

Perhaps only being wont produce an outcome in a day to day sense.

We can benefit by being aware of all aspects of our lives. What is optimally aware? I don’t know. I believe that paying keen attention to what we are doing is very useful.

Yesterday; Elizabeth and I were doing the gardening. I used a hose on the garden for the first time in several years of water restrictions. We also got to try the salad from the beginnings of a vegetable patch. Being aware helped to make those times rewarding and joy filled.

I like to practice adopting a good view of what is happening.

http://www.google.com/search?q=’zen and the art of’ might pull up some good ideas.

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