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Here, I (Dr Michael J Henderson) explore ideas, thoughts and themes that are relevant to me (and us) as humans exploring different worldviews and looking for paths to take.

Sometimes I choose a Zen flavour, with a minimum of words. Other times, my words may convey a different meaning than my current understanding.

Please share your ideas with us here so that we can build improved understandings-even where we have quite different perspectives.

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An excerpt from my thinking midway through my PhD research-signals the birth of my shift to pragmatism and semiotics choicemaking-our muse

An excerpt from my thinking midway from my thesis – the birth of my shift to pragmatism and semiotics Why does ontology matter? Well; what is ontology? And what about epistemology? How did my thinking evolve to taking on a most appropriate philosophocal p[erspective for my research. This episode is also available as a blog post: https://michaelhenderson.co/2016/10/09/why-does-ontology-matter-in-my-research/


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