What is Truth?

Four and a bit years ago I wrote this question on a website linked to the Visionary Spiritual Institute. Like all things, the website has moved on and my question along with the responses have disappeared into cyberspace. Or; has truth changed too?

My beliefs have developed and my understanding of truth has moved. A lot. But am I any closer to the truth? Not one millimetre.

At the moment; the model I use to understand truth is best expressed by referring to Ken Wilber’s AQAL model  (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Wilber).  The reference is linked to the two truths doctrine of Buddhism, which is probably about as close as I will get in this life.

When it comes to determining a truth that works between people, a work in progress is about as good as it gets. The absolute truth is not something that we can comprehend easily. If we could know absolute truth, we would reject it as being too confrontational because we are not ready. We all see the world through different lenses, that vary continuously; even for the same person depending on our mood, circumstance and purpose of needing a truth. The lenses are the self protection of our egos.

So; perhaps a better goal than Truth is a goal to do good by people (and extend this to all living beings).

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