Technology – Slave or Service?

We are challenged constantly with time taking technology. Whether it is a television set or a new mobile phone. There are many reports that give some lists and figures to support this perception of time wasting. For example, try’time wasting technology’. I looked at Wasting Time: Top 10 Online Distractions which produced some interesting facts.

However, when you look at the details, Facebook and YouTube are listed. Today, a lot of training and business development resources are provided via these services. Or Twitter, which I use to let people know about these articles. So; maybe a part of this perception relates to the evolution of the way we do things rather than additional time wasting per se.

Yesterday, I spent approximately five hours debugging a sync issue with an iPhone and Windows 7 computer. It seems that the issue is quite common. The end result was success, I learnt some things and managed to get a better outcome than I expected. However, it is a lot of time for something that is supposed to be “plug and play”.

I think the solution is to own our own time and decide what we will do with it. Use time for what it is, a precious resource that we can allocate as we see fit. Ensure we have time for sleeping, eating, exercising, socialising, producing and life long learning. A search such as’time is a precious resource’ might help.

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