Sustainable and Changeable? Luck

When we are young and if we are lucky, we develop a passion for something. Then, over time, we strive to achieve something with this passion. If we are lucky, we achieve an outcome that satisfies us and then identify something new to strive for.

For many people, there comes a time when the passion dries without achievement, or overwhelming obstacles wear them down. The person attributes the change to “growing up”, “this is life” or “bad luck”. This then becomes a stagnation of life.

For some, a change occurs and the passion is re-ignited. The cycle begins again.

Perhaps the trick is to know this truth and to account for the turbulence in the way we handle any difficulties that arise. In this way, the cycle becomes one of our choosing and understanding. In this way, the luck becomes something that we choose to have.

A search in Google provides some really good common sense ideas to help;


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