Striving… then… gone!

as posted by Michael to an online class site at the end of a Masters unit, Oct 31, 2011:

We strive for success.
Hurry hurry hurry, Worry worry worry.
So much to do. So much to learn.
Then…it stops. A result appears.
The outcome is sadness. What happened?
We forgot. It was the journey that was the icing on this cake.

then added by a fellow student the next day:

yes Michael 🙂
… like a brief encounter in a foreign land –
Short and oh so sweet
Breathtaking, life changing, all consuming
Then the train reaches the station…
and we go our separate ways.
But the journey will never be forgotten.

then by the lecturer the next day:
Poetry is the record of the best and happiest moments of the happiest and best minds.
The poet; Shelley

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  1. Michael I like your musings, but in particular I love the poetry around ‘Striving…then gone’. Even in this era Shelley can be pertinent!

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