Communication Across Cultures

I am completing a unit on cultural communications in my Masters. It is great to develop some tools that support cross cultural understanding to help us with communication at all levels.

Some examples of cross cultural communication that are evidentin my life (and maybe similar in yours) are:

older <-> younger
teacher <-> student
parent <-> child
New Zealander <-> Australian
current New Zealander <-> ex New Zealander

What is apparent to me is that in every aspect of our lives, there is a degree of cultural difference that affects any interchange. What is also clear is that in many cases we attribute the difference to a right versus wrong argument. In most cases, I believe, even when the term right and wrong is used, we have assumed incorrectly something based on a cultural bias.

By being aware that difference exists and NOT connecting difference with right and wrong,  we give the space needed for better and more effective communication.

An interesting search is

What got me thinking when writing this note was this link, posted on Facebook by a friend: . I tried. See how you go at testing your pronunciation.

Please add some examples of cross cultural interchanges you are engaged in.


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